Best Arabica Coffee Brands Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombia is the third coffee producer in the world after Vietnam and Brazil, a third place is of course not a shame if you are focused on the quality of the Colombian coffee beans. Initiatives from Cup of Excellence and efforts of Federacafe, which is a federation of coffee farmers, Colombia build its self a good reputation in the field of Single origin coffees.

The unique and perfect conditions and the generalization of all microclimates give Colombian coffee a sweet with nuts full body coffee taste. All Colombian coffees are crops, and always Arabica’s such as Castillo, Caturra and Typica.

Colombia produces 8% of the total world production of coffee beans. Colombia benefits from a conveniently situated location with ports. Colombia’s most important ocean terminals are Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Santa Marta on the Caribbean Coast and Buenaventura and Tumaco on the Pacific Coast.

Colombian coffee beans and the proud of “self-drinking”

Colombian coffee roasters go very proud on the fact that their coffees are so in balance that they don’t need other coffees to blend with. But the opposite is also true, because they are so in balance they can’t blend with other coffees. The coffees add nothing special and blurring a coffee blend with a low profile. The fact that the Colombian coffee roasters say they don’t need other coffees to blend with is also called “self-drinking”.

Coffee Regions Colombia

Three mountain ranges from the Andes de Cordilleras ( C. Occidental – C. Central- C. Oriental) split the land in four regions (Pacific- Atlantic -Central and East). The most coffee production comes from Antioquia, Tolima, Valle del Cauca, Caldas and Quindío.

Regions & Harvest & Crops

Department Cauca

Coffees belonging to the Inza Region, plantations and the colonial city of Popayan. Cauca’s are characterized as low body, aromas of peaches, apricot and sugar cane.
Harvest: March-June, second harvest November-December. Varieties: Typica 21 %, Caturra 64 %, Castillo 15 %.

Colombian Coffee Beans from Department Huila

Huila is more country side than Cauca Huila which is seen in the differences of the coffees. The coffees have more body and have a total different texture. More syrup like.
Harvest: September – December, second harvest April -May. Varieties: Typica 11 %, Caturra 75 %, Castillo 14 %.

Colombian Coffee Beans from Department Nariño

Rough mountains dominate Nariño en La Union. Creamy and Buttery are the characteristics for the best coffees from the region. There is a high demand these Colombian coffee beans and specialty coffees from this region given the many Starbucks signs in this area.
Harvest: April -June, No second harvest time . Varieties: Typica 54 %, Caturra 29 %, Castillo 17 %

Colombian Coffee Beans from Department Santander

Most coffee from Santander is Rainforest Alliance certified. The dry microclimate and the low height of the crops give the coffees a total different taste. Medium and full bodied, low and high acidity are the main characteristics from Santander.
Harvest: September – December, No second harvest. Varieties: Typica 15 %, Caturra 32 %, Castillo 53 %

Colombian Coffee Beans from Department Sierra Nevada

At the Northern coast close to the Caribbean is Sierra Nevada de Santa Martha situated. From this mountainous area coffee with a medium to low acidity are produced. Characteristics: Caramel, Tabacco and nuts.
Harvest: September – December, no second harvest. Varieties: Typica 6 %, Caturra 58 %, Castillo 35 %

Colombian Coffee Beans Department Tolima

Known for coffee with high acidity and fresh taste
Harvest: March – June, second harvest October -December. Varieties: Typica 9 %, Caturra 74 %, Castillo 18 %)

Department Quindío

Harvest: September – December, second harvest April -May. Varieties: Typica 14 %, Caturra 54 %, Castillo 32 %)

Department Risaralda

Harvest: September – December, second harvest April-May. Varieties: Typica 6% %, Caturra 59 %, Castillo 35 %

Department Caldas

Caldas, Municipality: Palestina
Harvest: September – December, second harvest April-May. Varieties: Typica 8 %, Caturra 57 %, Castillo 35 %

Department Antioquia

Harvest: September – December, second harvest April-May. Varieties: Typica 6 %, Caturra 59 %, Castillo 35 %

Department Cundinamarca

Harvest: March – June, second harvest October – December. Varieties: Typica 35 %, Caturra 34 %, Castillo 31 %

The complexity of the region brings an unprecedented number of microclimates and biodiversity. Colombia alone counts more than 1800 different bird species, more than any other country in the world.

Colombia is the second most bio-diverse country in the world.
The coffee plantations stretch along the steep slopes. Erosion is a big problem because a lack of vegetation which should protect the coffee plants from the sun.

Colombia benefits from how it’s situated. Conveniently between the Caribbean-Atlantic Ocean and on the other side the Pacific Ocean. Colombia is a humid country with beautiful mountain ranges. Which results in producing mild coffee.

Unfortunately, it is not going well with the Colombian coffee production. Climate change reduced the coffee production and the Average temperature increased with 1 °C and 25% more rain fall in the past decades.

Colombian Coffee Beans, Supremo

The Colombian coffee bean is the Colombia Supremo. The coffee bean is large and a true classic bean. Coffee from this bean has a full and rich aroma, is refined and balanced. Same as Brazilian coffee the Colombian taste somewhat sweet.

Colombian Coffee Beans
Colombian Coffee Beans Brand Amount Price Buy
Huila Colombian coffee beans Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Colombian Huila 1 Pound $14.99 BUY
First Colony Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Colombian Santa Marta 24 ounce $14.24 BUY
Gourmet Colombian Ground Coffee from 100% Organic Coffee Beans 12 ounce. $14.95 BUY
Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean, Colombian Supremo 2 pound $14.24 BUY
100% Colombian Supremo Coffee, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC 2 pound $18.00 BUY

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Best Arabica Coffee Brands Colombian Coffee Beans

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