Jura Impressa Z9 Espresso Machine review

Jura Impressa z9 review

With technology, one company always takes things one step further. This was also the case with the technology of espresso machines, one company had to take the Technology of the machines to the next level. Jura set the tone with its Impressa Z9.
The ingenuity of Swiss engineering combined with an Italian classic concept. The most important part for the tech people among us is the full color Thin Film Transistor better known as TFT.

Jura Impressa Z9 Espresso Machine Review

Jura Impressa Z9 Espresso Machine review
Without going too deep in technical details, one thing you should know about the TFT is that complications and guesswork to brew one of your favorite drinks belongs to the past. With one touch this machine brews you any coffee.

The Jura Z9 is an intuitive, smart, fully-automatic machine espresso machine. The Z9 automatically grinds the beans, tamps them, pre-infuses the puck, brews the coffee and dumps the residue into the bin. The display shows up front the options which you can adjust to your own coffee taste.

The Jura Z9 is in principle the first smart espresso machine, the display shows up front the options who you can adjust to your special needs, in total 11 and 6 on the same time.11 specialities with the Rotary Selection control.

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You can just push the big screen, Jura calls this their coffee à la carte selection function, and the machine goes to work. As soon as you push the icon the double thermo blocks steam up tight away and start to brew your coffee. The technic of the Z9 is very advanced and it’s almost impossible to brew a bad quality espresso, coffee, latte macchiato or cappuccino.

High Performance pump 50% less noise

A 15 bar high performance pump and the quiet operation of Jura’s classic Aroma + grinder reduces grinding time and noise by up to 50%. The grinder geometry and finer teeth guarantee consistent grinding results throughout the lifetime of the machine take care of your brews.

Adjustable coffee amounts Jura Impressa Z9 full automatic espresso machine

The choice to adjust the amount of coffee, 5 – 16, 5 programmable coffee strength levels, Coffee strength can be adjusted for each preparation. For the coffee strength and temperature, you can either program it before or use the real-time programming option.

What makes the Jura Impressa Z9 so special? full automatic espresso machine review

Next to it’s beautiful touch screen and surprisingly good functionality, design and performance is that people love this machine. Next to it’s beautiful touch screen and surprisingly functionality, design and performance is that people love this machine.

The P button is the one-touch button you wish that every smart kitchen appliance had. 3 Energy saving modes, Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme, an integrated milk system cleaning programme, automatic milk rinse and a maintenance status display.

Automatic milk rinse

Jura Impressa Z9 Espresso Machine review
Height-adjustable coffee spout 2.9 – 4.1 inches, Width-adjustable coffee spout 0.8 – 2 inches, Height-adjustable cappuccino spout 4.5 – 6 inches, Hot water spout, Cappuccino frother honestly everything is there.

After every coffee prepared with milk, the system will alert you, the only thing you have to do is push the button so the integrated milk system cleaning process can start.

Latte coffees, cappuccino’s and other coffee specialties are worldwide extremely popular. Jura’s proud is the fine foam technology. The IMPRESSA Z9 is able to produce milk foam with a fine, light consistency and meets all the requirements you expect of today’s coffee trends.

Jura Impressa Z9 Espresso Machine Review the Positives

The Jura Impressa Z9 is modern and technical but still useable for the not so technical consumers. It has a lot of options to choose your favorite coffee, milk foam, hot water options and is fast and silent.

The negatives

This espresso machine is one step to the future, and has all features needed for a good coffee, including a high price tag. Espresso and coffee lovers would most probably take it to the next level with this machine, for others this price tag would not fit their budget.

Jura Espresso-Coffee Machines
Jura Ena Micro 1 $798.95 BUY
Jura IMPRESSA C65,Platinum $999.00 BUY
Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch $1,119.96 BUY
Jura IMPRESSA Z9 $3,998.95 BUY
Jura Impressa S9 $1,799.00 BUY

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Jura Impressa Z9 Espresso Machine review

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